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Alejandra Sieder is a Venezuelan-Spanish-Australian Visual Artist and Graphic Designer who graduated from the Miguel Neumann Design Institute in Caracas, Venezuela. Sieder lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Alejandra’s monochromatic op-art is a distillation of personal memories and emotional experiences into pure black and white geometry. Each work is the product of a meditative process between artist, memory and canvas.

Her aim is to engage the audience by challenging and pushing the limits of their comfort zones. The first impression of discomfort caused by optical illusions that appear to vibrate and swirl gives way to an appreciation of the detail and precision of each work.

She creates works that go beyond the limits of painting and installation. Made with canvas, wood, Japanese ink and acrylic, Sieder’s work is characterized by his intense study of form, volume and materiality, as well as his great aesthetic care and conceptual subtlety, while his practice emphasizes temporal aspects and performative of the creative act.

These recent works show the characteristic methodology of the artist, which consists of creating works of art in three dimensions. Sieder is based on the presentation of the movement for the effect and that it played with the viewer in the first person.

Its objective is to involve the audience in a new dimension within the visual experience and create a piece that effectively expresses the interrelation between matter, space and the sensations of the viewer.

In these new works, Alejandra Sieder transcends the limits of her usual practice by orchestrating works in 3D. This particular work combines the volume of matter and the visual of monochrome colour, becoming an unprecedented installation creating volumes in the gallery space.

In the exhibition, the artist not only demonstrates her absolute mastery of the techniques she has been using but also her constant and versatile artistic evolution.


1991 – 1995  Diploma of Graphic Design at Hans Neumann Design Institute, Caracas, Venezuela

2016              Art Therapy Course, Drawing, Painting and Self-Exploration, Udemy, Sydney 
1998              Art Therapy Course, Within the Current of the Human Gestalt Psychology, ArsMandala, Caracas, Venezuela 
1992 – 1994  Color and Light with Josue Arocha, Caracas, Venezuela 
1991 – 1995  Mixed media and Technique with Josu Calvo, Caracas, Venezuela 
1991 – 1995  Drawing with Marcela Navea, Caracas, Venezuela 
1991 – 1995  Photography with Ricardo Ferreira, Caracas, Venezuela 



2022  ‘The Perception Of Movement And Colour’, Curl Curl Creative Space, Sydney, Australia

2020  Bay Window Studio, Solo Exhibition, Oyster Bay, Sydney, Australia
2017  'Tell me, I'm still here', Gaffa Gallery, Sydney 
2017  Parallax Art Fair, London, UK 
2014  'Peace in Silence', Artista Gallery, Oslo, Norway 
2010  'Words', Lindvedske Gallery, Arendal, Norway 
2009  'Be A Woman', Hove Galleri, Arendal, Norway 
2008  'Resurrection', Lindvedske Gallery, Arendal, Norway 
2008  'Opening', Kulturfabrikken, Arendal, Norway 
2004  'Internal Spring', Espacio Artepolis, Madrid, Spain 
2004  'Soul Vibration 2', Exquisitio Gallery, Madrid, Spain 
2003  'Soul Vibration', Mambo Gallery, Madrid, Spain



2023    ‘Julio’, La Zona Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2022  ‘Outlined’, The ARX Gallery, London, UK
2022  ‘ART IN MIND & CONTEMPORARY PAINTING’, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2021  'The Other Art Fair', Sydney, Australia
2021  'Aarwun Salon 21', Aarwun Gallery, Group Exhibition, Canberra, Australia

2021  'Lethbridge 20000', Lethbridge Gallery, Group Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia

2021  'Shapes and Shadows', Crackpot Gallery, Group Exhibition, Sydney, Australia

2021  'Untitled', Traffic Jam Galleries, Group Exhibition, Sydney, Australia

2021  'Lockdown Showdown', Gaffa Gallery, Group Exhibition, Sydney, Australia

2020  'Opening' Azur Gallery, Madrid, Spain 

2020  'Inktrospection', The Wellington Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2020  'Northern Perspectives', Gallery Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia
2019  'The Other Art Fair', Sydney, Australia 

2019  'Colours of NSW', Parliament of NSW, Sydney, Australia 

2018  'Mosman Art Society', Fred Hutley Hall, North Sydney Council, Australia 
2018  'Artist of Mosman 2088', Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia 
2017  'Summer Small Art', Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, ROA, London, UK 
2017  'What a Home Means to You?', Warringah Creative Space, Sydney, Australia 
2017  'Artist of Mosman 2088', Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia 
2016  'What a Home Means to You?', Warringah Creative Space, Sydney, Australia 
1995  'Portraits 3', Expographic 95, Caracas, Venezuela 
1994  'Faces and Feelings', Institute of Design Hans Neumann, Caracas, Venezuela 
1994  'Portraits 2', Expographic 94, Caracas, Venezuela 
1993  'Death Nature', Institute of Design Hans Neumann, Caracas, Venezuela 
1993  'Portraits', Expographic 93, Caracas, Venezuela



2023   ‘Lethbridge 20000’ Art Prize, Finalist Salon des Refusés, Brisbane, Australia
2022  'Byron Bay'  Lethbridge 20000 Art Prize, Finalist Salon des Refusés, Brisbane, Australia
2022  'When The Rain Flood Us' Lethbridge Landscape Art Prize, Finalist Salon des Refusés, Brisbane, Australia

2021  'My Body Is My Sovereign Territory', Bluethumb Gallery, Finalist, Australia

2021  'When Your Beliefs Fall Apart', Lethbridge 20000, Finalist, Brisbane, Australia 
2019  'Noriko Xin', Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist, Brisbane, Australia

2018  'Shaping thoughts into physical manifestations', Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist, Brisbane, Australia 
2017  'Melting Snow', Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist, Brisbane, Australia 
2016  'Thirty by Thirty', Finalist. Colour Trap Gallery, Sydney 
1996  'Latin-American Indigenous People', Ministry of the Environment. Third prize. Caracas, Venezuela


Bushwick South Art Residency, Sydney, Australia


2011 – 2012  Mandala Art Therapy, Instructor, Bjørnsletta, Arendal, Norway 
2001 – 2003  Mandala Art Therapy, Instructor, ArsMandala, Caracas, Venezuela



Private collection, Dung, France.

Private collection, Tasmania, Australia. 

Private collection, Berlin, Germany. 

Private collection, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
Painting Commission, "Mujer, tú me inspiras!" (Woman, you inspire me!) T.V. SBS Spanish, Australia. 
Private collection, Mosman, NSW, Australia. 
Private collection, Dee Why, NSW, Australia. 
Private collection, Freshwater, NSW, Australia.

Private collection, QLD, Australia.

Private collection, VIC, Australia.
Private collection, Arendal, Norway. 
Private collection, Oslo, Norway. 
Private collection, Stavanger, Norway. 
Private collection, Miami, USA. 
Private collection, Madrid, Spain. 
Private collection, Arendal, Norway. 
Private collector, Caracas, Venezuela. 
Public Collection, El Refugio de Cristal, Madrid, Spain. 
Commissioned work, Rialto Theater, Madrid, Spain.




2022 “OUTLINED” — Written by The ARX Gallery
2022 “Meet The Others: Alejandra Sieder & Celia Fernandez” — The Power of Collaboration. 
Written by Maya Santana
2021 “Exploring the Landscape Through Abstract Art — on Sydney’s Northern Beaches During the Time 
of COVID” Written by Emma-Kate Wilson
2021 “Vanderlove Letter” The Cover: Alejandra Sieder. Written by Alexandre Amacker. Geneva, Switzerland 2020 “Reader Reflections: Looking Ahead” Essay, Art Almanac, 5 November, Sydney, Australia

2017  "Mujer, tú me inspiras!" (Woman, you inspire me!) T.V. SBS Spanish, Australia
2017  “Art as a healing mechanism”, radio interview. SBS Spanish, Australia

2004  TV and radio interview, Telemadrid, Amalgama Space. Latinamerican Artist, Madrid, España

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