"Listening what the universe tells me, gives me the possibility to understand the flow of transcendence"

No one is completely mentally healthy. Life’s chaos is precipitated by mental processes. These paintings are an exploration of consciousness and mental processes. Each work in this series demonstrates a different operation of the mind. Some are darker, like the airless feeling of a panic attack, and some lighter, like the feeling of hope and fulfillment.


Since childhood, I have been focused on analyzing human behavior and I’ve come to realize that people often don’t have the help they need. They might find themselves in a dark hole, but there is always light when one surrenders to this darkness. This action holds the possibility of transcendence.


I think of a white canvas as a clean, untouched territory. As a painting develops, I correlate the act of going deeply into the surface with going deeply into oneself. It’s a meditative process between myself and the canvas. The painting is a point of concentration in field self-focus.


The media for this body of work changes with each idea from acrylic to oils to mixed media and the sizes vary based on the density or immensity of the mental process portrayed.


My aim in this series is for these works to connect. I want people to recognize themselves in the images and open to the possibility of moving beyond resisting discomfort to a place of surrender.


Alejandra Sieder

© 2019 Alejandra Sieder