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Original Paintings 

Normally the original paintings are sold ready to hang unless it has dimensions bigger than

2mt. x 2mt.

Framing your Fine-Art Print

Fine Art Prints are sold unframed. Preservation is important and framing your artwork will enhance the presentation and protect it from damage. Try to organise framing as soon as you can after receiving your artwork.

General information about care for any artwork

Keep all artworks well away from weather such as direct sunlight, moisture and dust.

For storage, avoid damp or dusty areas and sharp objects. Keep artwork flat and well-insulated in box packaging. Do not place other objects on top of the artwork.

If future damage occurs to the artwork or frame don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Seek an art conservationist or framer for repairs. 

When deciding where to hang your artwork, keep your artwork away from hazards such as liquids and heat. Try to hang it away from moist areas that attract too much dust or mould. Protect it from the weather by hanging well away from windows and swinging doors.


Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.

Keep original bubble wrap packaging and box in case of future handling or transportation.

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