Space Between the Marks

Space Between the Marks


By Alejandra Sieder.

A few weeks ago I discovered why it has always been important for me to fill the spaces of a paper or a canvas without leaving blank areas for the work to breathe when I have painted colour abstracts. Perhaps discovering the reason was the key to understanding the meaning of my work. I went from colour to black and white slowly, and little by little, I realised that this absence of colour calms my soul and balances my mind. But with the process, I also realised that spaces are key to being able to flow with the work and evolve as an artist and as a person. Cramming the space was creating confusion, stress, and crowding in me. When I have a blank paper or canvas, by itself it means nothing. Is nothing. It is a simple and lifeless material. But when I make a mark on paper or canvas, that first insignificant mark that does not symbolise anything is the most human abstract act that an artist can create. Because it is the beginning. Because what this means is me saying to the canvas ´I am here, with my total vulnerability, in front of you´. And I'm here painting my mark, letting you accept me without judgment. I am activating new energy on the surface that expands across the surface asking for more from this moment on. And that energy created as a shape, a line or an abstract mark, ceases to be a simple mark to become the first protagonist who asks me to paint more energy around that first mark. That space between the marks is the necessary space that creates a rhythm and a vibration in the composition. This is where my work contains meaning and where I feel completely satisfied. This painting is part of a series I am developing.


  • Original painting made in acrylic on canvas.
  • 90(W) x 90(H) x 3(D)cm.
  • UV protected vanish, so will not fade in direct sunlight
  • Stretched and ready to hang. 
  • Signed with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Delivered wrapped in a sturdy box.
  • Tasmanian oak frame available, please contact for pricing.
  • The painting will leave the studio 8 days after purchase.


If this painting is not the required size, I can do another version to your size specifications as a commission. So please, contact me and I will organise a quote very quickly for you. 


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