Words Between You and Me 2

Words Between You and Me 2


By Alejandra Sieder


  • Free-hand made in oil on plastic stool
  • Signed with a certificate of authenticity
  • This stool is part of a group of 2 stools freehand made in oil
  • It is a conversation about what happened in 2020 around the world and the impact on our soul


-->Chair 1:
"I came to break your schemes, your beliefs, your faith.
I came to break your routine and question your freedom.
I came to test your limits and invite you to realize that I can break your strength and hope.
I came to really show you who you are, the strength you have and show you that life can change in seconds. Nothing is really in your hands… nothing."


-->Chair 2
"Yes, you really came like a storm to move my foundations.
Still, thank you for coming. It has put me through very tough tests and I still know they will continue to happen because I am still in my process. You have been one of the complex periods of my life. But after you came, I did reborn again, with scars but with more strength and knowing aspects of myself that I did not know. Today I am stronger, more analytic and sensible… more focused. Do you know the greatest thing you have taught me? To let go of control towards life, and you have taught me to flow and to love every beautiful moment I live. I learnt to be flexible in all circumstances. You have taught me that life is a 24-hour accumulation of experiences in which I have the total freedom -that you never could take from me-, to choose the best attitude to face those circumstances. I welcome all the surprises that life is preparing for me from now on."


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