By Alejandra Sieder.


This painting is a representation of a very special day in my life. I was 6 years old and we were in Mérida, a very cold city in Venezuela. We were on vacation driving when we saw a beautiful river but with a lot of current. I told my dad that I wanted to get in the water. I remember that it was freezing but the emotion was bigger and I got in carefully. The rivers fascinate me. My dad held my hand from the shore, but suddenly I let go... and I went with the flow while he ran with his panic face... I was so happy, I had no idea of ​​the danger that was happening. I got stuck on something and he was able to catch me and everything flowed perfectly. Today I remember his face of panic and my adrenaline of happiness. The best thing about this situation was seeing -when I became an adult-, the two emotional points of view from the perspective of a child compared to an adult. Sometimes I would like to be a girl again and feel that infinite flow of life without the stress we have about things.


  • Original painting made in acrylic and ink on canvas.
  • 126(W) x 96(H) x 3(D)cm.
  • UV protected vanish, so will not fade in direct sunlight
  • Stretched and ready to hang. 
  • Signed with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Delivered wrapped in a sturdy box.
  • The painting will leave the studio 3 days after purchase.


If this painting is not the required size, I can do another version to your size specifications as a commission. So please contact me and I will organise a quote very quickly for you. 


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