My Kombi

My Kombi


By Alejandra Sieder


"Every icon has an origin story, and for the Volkswagen Kombi, that story starts in 1949. That’s when Dutch businessman and pioneer Ben Pon pulled up his suspenders and hit the road with a sketch in hand, and a dream in tow. This single sketch was the beginning of a pretty wild adventure. Inspiring the design of the very first Kombi Van, as we know it today. With elements of the original T1 beetle design, combined with the room to move. The T2 Kombi has been called many things and has evolved more times than even we can count. But one thing has stayed the same, our love of adventure."

- Acrylic on canvas.

- 78cmW x66cmH.
- Free-hand made artwork.
- Stretched and ready to hang.
- A Certificate of Authenticity is attached to the image.
- Packed in a box for delivery.
- The painting leaves the studio in 7 days after purchase.


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