Welcome to our biggest exhibition:


at the Parliament House of NSW.

Address: 6 Macquarie Street. Sydney.

OPENING NIGHT ---> Friday 7th of June. 6pm to 9pm.

Finally, the opening night arrives tomorrow at the Parliament House of NSW!

You can not miss it! We have achieved another great dream.

A whole year of work, inspiration, practice, patience and a lot of dedication.

The exhibition will be held until the 27th of June. Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm.

This event had been curated with the selection of more than 100 emerging Australian artists that will be filling the space at the Australian Technology Park.

The days will be packed with live music, drinks, food and art activities to suit all audiences. I will be presenting my new series:




For complimentary tickets follow the link below and use code TOAF2019


Tickets must be redeemed by March 7th


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