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Alejandra Sieder's art is a mesmerising fusion of monochromatic op-art, personal memories, and emotional experiences, all distilled into pure black-and-white geometry. Each masterpiece emerges from a meditative process where the artist engages with her memories and the canvas, resulting in captivating optical illusions that challenge and push the audience's comfort zones.


At first glance, confusion and mesmerisation take hold as the illusions appear to vibrate and swirl, but this initial impression soon gives way to a deeper appreciation of the intricate detail and precision in each work. Influenced by renowned artists such as Cruz Diez, Bailey, Carmen Herrera, Miró, and Kandinsky, Alejandra's artistic upbringing in Venezuela and her studies have given her a profound respect for the interplay of movement and viewer perception.


Through her art, Sieder seeks to involve the audience in a transformative visual experience, guiding them into a new dimension of exploration. The objective is to create a seamless interrelation between matter, space, and the viewer's sensations, inviting them to become an integral part of the artwork's narrative. With every stroke and every form, Sieder masterfully presents movement for the effect, of enticing the audience to engage on a personal level with the captivating realm she creates.


Step into the world of Alejandra Sieder's art and embrace a journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic expression. Discover a mesmerising visual experience that evokes emotions, stimulates thoughts, and connects you to the very essence of the art itself. Welcome to a realm where art becomes a profound reflection of the human experience, inviting you to be an active participant in its unfolding narrative.

Optimal mental health is non-existent. The chaos of life is the result of a variety of mental processes triggered by intrusive thoughts. The paintings that comprise my body of work, are an exploration of the relation between conscious and sub-consciousness. Both, the media and dimensions for each work, change based on the density or immensity of the mental process portrayed.


Each work in this series portrays a variety of intense emotions. Some are darker—like the airless feeling of a panic attack—and some lighter, like the feeling of hope and fulfilment.


Since childhood, I have been focused on analysing the nuances of human behaviour. Later in my life,

and through my studies in psychology, I have come to realise that often people are unable to reflect and identify the intrusive thoughts that fill their psyche, thus precluding any attempt to receive the so much needed help. This dark hole can be felt by many as a hopeless place. However, my paintings express that there is light in darkness. Through the reflection of oneself with the canvas, transcendence over diminished mental states begin to be possible.  


When I work, I think of a white canvas as a clean, untouched territory. As a painting develops, I correlate

the act of going deeply into the surface with going deeply into oneself. Painting becomes a meditative process between myself and the canvas —a point of concentration in field self-focus.


My aim in these soul-stirring series is for these works to resonate with the audience by challenging and pushing the limits of our comfort zone. An apparent first-impression of discomfort leads the viewer

to unfold the intrinsic beauty and evanescence of each scene.


Alejandra Sieder.

"Listening what the universe tells me, gives me the possibility to understand
the flow of transcendence"
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